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Upcoming Presentations


Past Presentations 2022-2023

Mar. 15, 2023Natalie Noonan – Neuropsychological Assessment of Children with Subtle Autism Spectrum, recorded video, slides
Feb. 7, 2023Athletes Unlimited Presentation, website
Jan. 22, 2023Jennifer Fink – All Our Families: Disability Lineage and the Future of Kinship
Dec. 11, 2022 Family Social Gathering, Hyde Playground, presented by the SEPAC board, flyer
Dec. 7, 2022SEPAC Discussion on Transition, virtual
Nov. 29, 2022NPS Transition Overview and Adult Services Panel, virtual, presented by Newton Public Schools
Oct.18, 2022Basic Rights Evaluation and Eligibility, virtual, presented by the Federation for Children with Special Needs, flyer