Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Newton’s bullying prevention and intervention plan can be found their policies web page.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has issued information for districts about implementing the new bullying prevention and intervention law.

There are two documents that may be useful for understanding the special education-related provisions of the law -they describe what schools need to consider for students on IEP.
1) Technical Assistance Advisory SPED 2011-2: Bullying Prevention and Intervention

“The purpose of this advisory is to provide guidance to address changes to Massachusetts educational practice relating to students with disabilities stemming from enactment of the bullying prevention and intervention law. This advisory covers the following topics:

  • The Massachusetts Bullying Prevention and Intervention Law
    Leadership and Schoolwide Efforts
    Evaluating Social Skills Development
    Skills and Proficiencies Students Need to Respond to Bullying, Harassment, or Teasing
    Implications for the Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    Students with Disabilities under Section 504″

2)  Bullying Prevention and Intervention Resources
Addressing the Needs of Students with Disabilities in the IEP and in School Bullying Prevention and Intervention Efforts

This document was developed by DESE in collaboration with the Massachusetts Advocates for Children (MAC).

“This resource document contains tools to assist schools and IEP Teams to prevent bullying of students with disabilities and to enable Teams to comply with special education-related provisions of the law. The document is organized according to the Behavioral Health and Public Schools Framework. The Framework sections are used in the Model Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan and in this document so that whole school approaches and individual supports for particular students can be aligned with each other. This will help to include students with disabilities in the school- and district-wide bullying prevention and intervention initiatives from which all students should benefit. These Framework sections are leadership, training and professional development, access to resources and services, academic and non-academic activities, policies and procedures for reporting and responding to bullying, and collaboration with families. “