May 16, 2016 NewtonPAC Open Board Meeting

Monday, May 16, 2016  at 7:30 PM
Panera in Newton Center


  1. Introductions
  2. Listserv Policies
  3. Special Educator Awards update
  4. May 26th topic update (open Board meeting with David Fleishman and Judy Levin-Charns)
  5. Strategic Planning (continued)


PAC Board Attendees

Eileen Sandberg, Chair

Rajeev Parlikar

Karina Simonian

Lisa DePalma

Alyssa Cohen

Marian Rambelle

Betsy Hewitt

Joan Schulz

Other attendees

Jo-Louise Allen

Shaul Berechman

Ruth Goldman, School Committee

    1. Introductions
    2. Listserv Policies

Discussion:  What topics do we want to consider as “off-topic” for the listserv?  Members had differing opinions about whether to allow everything and anything that gets posted to the group vs. limiting topics to those related to special education and families.

Conversation centered on whether there are other more appropriate (and duplicative) blogs/groups to post and discuss certain topics.  We are all inundated with email and we need to define how we are to best serve our membership.  Current membership is 465 and how do we support the larger group?

Next steps:  No vote was taken.  Rajeev Parlikar volunteered to look at our current netiquette messages on and report back at a future meeting.

  1. Awards Planning Update (replacing weekly conference call)
  2. Update on topics for May 26th meeting with Superintendent
  3. Summer plans to meet with Karen Shmukler, incoming Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.  Ideas shared included discussion of the PAC role in advising the School Committee, a Board “retreat” and setting up regular meetings with the Board and the Assistant Superintendent.
  4. Update on Strategic Planning – next steps might be to develop PAC roles and job descriptions
  5. Appointment of Jo-Louise Allen as Interim Secretary until elections can be held at the meeting on May 26, 2016.
  6. Adjourned at 9pm.