April 25, 2016 NewtonPAC Open Board Meeting

Monday, April 25, 2016  at 7:30 PM
Joan Schulz’s house, 64 Hatfield Road, West Newton


1. Go into Executive Session, with just the board present, at 7:30pm.
Executive session agenda will include:
Issues with access to NCE and after school programs.

2. At 8:00 pm. we will resume the open meeting, and all are welcome to attend.
Open meeting agenda will include:
Issues with access to NCE and after school programs
Planning for the Special Educator Awards on June 1, 2016
Next Steps for PAC Strategic planning


Minutes submitted  by Eileen Sandberg

PAC Board Attendees

Eileen Sandberg, Chair

Joan Schulz

Karina Simonian

Rajeev Parlikar

Marian Rambelle

Alyssa Cohen

Lisa DePalma – remote

Rajeev Parlikar moved to go into Executive Session.  Eileen Sandberg seconded, and the motion was passed unanimously.

The board discussed issues regarding the access for some children with disabilities to after-school and vacation programs at Newton Community Education (NCE), and afterschool programs at the Newton elementary schools.    The board decided that a next action step would be to inform the School Committee that discrimination appears to be occurring in the NCE and at least some of the afterschool programs.   Eileen Sandberg suggested meeting with Matt Hills (School Committee Chairman) and Ellen Gibson and Ruth Goldman (special education liaisons and School Committee members).   The board agreed unanimously to this action.

Executive session and the meeting were adjourned.