Newton SEPAC

Open Board Meeting

September 10, 2019

Board Members Present (7/7):  Lisa DePalma, Christine Carey, Rajeev Parlikar, Peter Shea, Brigitte LaMarche, Erin Kelly, Eliza Spaulding, Rocio Calvo

School Committee Members, etc Present:  Matthew Miller, Anping Shen, Kim Gallaugher (Liaison Coordinator)


Welcome the 2019-20 SEPAC Board

Board Introductions and Expectations

SEPAC Mission and Activities

Board Member Priorities

Proposed Presentation Topics

Any Other Business

Introductions of 2019-2020 Board


Board Member Priorities

Peter – Transition Programming

Lisa – relationship w/ new Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

Eliza – discreet projects, support, liaison program

Kim – parent communication, liaison program, publicizing SEPAC

Rocio – support, systems, administration

Erin – support, liaison program

Brigitte – website, social/digital media/FB, communication

Christine – fiscal plan, speakers/presentations, family support

Rajeev – family support, build relationship w/ Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, outreach to new families

Board Member Expectations – Rajeev

Attend meetings and presentations; let co-chairs know if you can’t make it

Each board member will plan and execute one presentation

Rotate meeting with Beth;  3-4 board meetings can attend each one without violating open meeting law.  Christine to distribute scheduled dates soon

Annual SEPAC Awards – each board member should plan to help in some way

Be knowledgeable of issues on list serve

Jump in and answer questions if you can

Liaisons know to contact Board with school specific issues they can’t handle goes to Christine, Rajeev, Peter, Lisa

SEPAC Mission and Activities

Advise School Committee

Provide Basic Rights Presentation (usually near the beginning of the year)

Work with NPS on issues parents have with staff/administration at their school

One presentation per month to Newton Community

Behind the scenes support

Occasional interaction with Mayor’s office, Parks & Rec, Transition Services, METCO

Proposed Presentation Topics – tabled until next meeting (mostly).  Rajeev will send out list of topics from last year and generate ideas for this year

Peter will create form to gather ideas from people on list serve

Presentations by people with disabilities?

Support Groups? Would want/need to separate by diagnosis/school level vs. anyone

Big Brother/Big Sister-type program?

Basic Rights is a must

Other Business:

End of Year Report to School Committee – Rajeev emailed to Board, will be posted on website.  Includes everything we did as a SEPAC last year

School Committee has a newsletter; sign up at NPS website

SEPAC doesn’t endorse SC candidates/slates.  SEPAC Board Members can endorse candidates individually without indicating SEPAC involvement

SEPAC held a SC candidate forum 2 years ago; parents felt it was useful; will consider holding another for elections in November

Kim Gallaugher – Liaison Coordinator – openings at Angier, Bigelow

Meeting adjourned at 9:08pm