Join us to learn more about the role of the SEPAC in our community.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 7:30 PM – 9 PM

WHERE: Newton Public Schools Education Center, 100 Walnut Street, Room 210 (directions here)

DESCRIPTION: A local Special Education Parent Advisory Council or SEPAC is a district-level, parent-driven group that provides input to the local school district on system-level challenges in special education and the safety of students with disabilities. An effective SEPAC has parents in the role of advisors who use families’ experiences, unique perspectives and expertise to influence decisions and help shape programs and policies at the district level. This workshop outlines the purpose and function of a SEPAC as well as an overview of activities and outreach strategies to solicit diverse input.

Presented by Leslie M. Leslie who serves as Project Director for the MassPAC and APPLE projects under the Federation for Children with Special Needs. Since 2011, she has provided technical assistance to both SEPACs and District special education administrators.