We are having a special workshop called Let’s Get Organized, where experts from Family Ties of Massachusetts will present on how to organize all of the paperwork and materials that come with being a special ed parent, and will provide concrete written materials to expand our organizational skills.   LET’S GET ORGANIZED participants take home a three-ring binder, organizational supplies, and lots of ideas on ways to bring order to the mountains of paperwork that relates to their child’s medical and educational needs.
We need a firm headcount for the meeting, so if you’d like to come please RSVP to may13organization@gmail.com  and indicate if you would like the materials in a language other than English-  Materials for this workshop are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese, and Chinese.
The meeting date is May 13, 2014, and the time is 7:30 pm. with networking and candy-eating beginning at 7:15.  We will start the meeting with the annual PAC elections, and will move on the presentation at around 7:40.