We are now accepting nominations for the 4th annual Special Educator Awards, and would really appreciate it if you could do your nominations sooner rather than later (we get around 70 awards a year, which is great, but when they all come at the last minute…. )  The deadline is May 28.

These awards are designed to recognize the wonderful professionals who work with our kids and go above and beyond to help them.   You can nominate anyone involved in special education, including special ed  and regular ed teachers, aides, BTs, BCBAs, PE teachers, school principals, administrators, etc..  Honorees in the past years have been very happy to have the recognition in front of their peers, parents and the Superintendent.

The ceremony will take place on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 7 pm. in the theatre at Newton North High School.  The ceremony is a very moving tribute.   Anyone can attend the ceremony, whether you nominate someone or not; we expect that Superintendent David Fleishman and Judy Levin-Charns will attend.

To nominate, please write a short paragraph about why this person is an exceptional educator.  Feel free to add personal anecdotes, but please try to keep it to a paragraph or two, or we will need to edit it as all nominations are read aloud at the awards ceremony.  We will not use your child’s name in reading the awards, but we give all the honorees a copy of what you write, unedited.

We also need to know the nominee’s full name, school and email address.  Please send your nominations to specialeducatorawards2013@gmail.com by May 28, 2013

Please don’t nominate anyone that you don’t feel has done a really excellent job.  We have sometimes heard that people feel they have to nominate their whole team or someone will feel left out- please don’t do this!  We have about 75-80 awards to read aloud each year and we want to limit it to the truly exceptional people who’ve made a real difference for you and your child.

In general we don’t do team nominations, but can make exceptions in special cases.  If you want to discuss a team nomination, or have any other questions, please email me at eileen.sandberg.newtonpac@gmail.com

Eileen Sandberg
Chairperson, NewtonPAC