Do you have a 1 or more hours per week (or month) that you can contribute to NewtonPAC??

It’s not hard, it can be fun, it feels good to help fellow parents of children with special needs and you can make new friends!  You, yes each one of you, has something to share and contribute.  Please consider taking on a role or project.

The various roles/projects/tasks that need to be filled are listed below and in more detail in NewtonPAC Project List 2012.

You can sign up to volunteer here using Doodle poll (see what your friends are doing), or by emailing Jo-Louise and Sandy will help you learn the “ropes.”  Questions, reach Sandy and Jo-Louise at

NewtonPAC 2012-2013 – Supported Activities
Listserve Moderators – Sandy Baird and Jo-Louise Allen
Webmaster – Rich Frost
Evening Meeting Coordinators – Lisa DePalma will do two meetings
Welcoming Coordinator – Lisa DePalma
Informal coffees, day – Lisa DePalma
Transition Program Coordinator – Jo-Louise Allen
District Communication/Dispute Resolution Project – Sandy Baird

Volunteers Needed for these Roles and Projects

Central Administration outreach
School Committee outreach

PAC PTO liaisons Coordinator
PTO Council Executive Board Member
Election Coordinator
Membership Coordinator

Communication and Publicity
Tri-Fold Distribution
Budget Analysis Committee
Understanding Our Differences Liaison
Annual Awards Ceremony
By-Laws update lead
NoNAP-PAC Liaison
Inclusive Schools Week Coordinator
Out-of-district Facilitator

Education and Support for Parents
Transitions working group
Life of the School HS/MS working group
Restraint Policy working group
Annual Survey of Parents
Web Resource Development
Marketing, design, social media
Communication Coordinator across NPS Programs and schools
Social activities
Community awareness
Library book master
SPED 101
“How to do SPED in Newton”